Staying safe, and avoiding expensive mistakes.

1st February 2016 - 2 minutes read


 ‘What can possibly go wrong’?builders
Famous last words. The way to avoid problems and expensive mistakes is to plan ahead and control the process.

We’re a part of this process, so once you’ve decided to appoint us we’ll send you copies of two booklets, ‘A Clients guide to engaging an Architect’, and, ‘A short guide to consumer rights in building contracts’, or you can buy them yourself from the RIBA bookshop,

These booklets will tell you all about all the stages that you’ll go through to get to your finished building, what work we do, and the ways it can be charged for. This include getting Planning Permission if it’s needed and ensuring compliance with the Building Regulations, (which you will need if you ever want to sell or let the building).

We’ll also guide you through the tendering process and negotiations with the builder to ensure that you get the best price and product available, and then we can administer the contract to see that you get what was agreed.

Our architectural training and years of experience has taught us to recognise what will work well, and then how to manage all the people needed to make it happen. There are good reasons why the process usually requires a Client, an Architect, and a Builder. It’s possible to be two of these at the same time, but to all three well is very hard work, as we know from our own experience.

The first step is to find out what you need and we start by completing a questionnaire which you can either complete online now or contact us and we’ll discuss it with you.